Thursday, December 18, 2008

Evolution of Dance

The Evolution of Dance 2 is back. Star Judson Laipply has created the second installment of this internet phenomenon, which will launch in the early new year. As a trailer to the sequel, Evolution of Dance 2, partnering with, have created an interactive application which allowing users to upload photos and dance with Judson, while getting a sneak peak of songs and dance moves for Evolution of Dance 2. To try this Evolution of Dance 2 just go to then click if how many characters is dancing and the gender of the characters when your done just click next then it will take you to where you can upload your photo and you can also adjust the image that you upload by dragging and clicking the image to move. When your done uploading your photo click next and it will take you to where you position the head. After you position the head click next then you can watch the Evolution Of Dance starring YOU!, it's really easy. You can also save it or share it to your friends. So check out the website now and I'm sure that you will enjoy it! Evolution of Dance launched December 17.

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